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Our purpose

Our purpose is to empower refugees and immigrants of all ages and nationalities to succeed in their quest to find social and economic independence and to live with dignity. 

Refugee and Immigrant Services and Education (RAISE) believes in the inherent value of a human person, regardless of race, ethnicity, origin, tribe, legal status, or culture. RAISE also holds that every person should have access to the appropriate resources to build a new life for themself. The programs and services that RAISE offers reflect these fundamental values.

RAISE's approach to service delivery can be summed up in three core values. The following is a list:

Welcome Well

Superior Support

Empower Everyday

Welcome Well

RAISE commits to receiving all refugees and immigrants with open arms and a readiness to provide service according to the needs and goals of the client. RAISE cements this commitment by connecting each client to a team of volunteers, Welcome Team (WT), who will walk side-by-side with the client during the client's relationship with RAISE.

Superior Support

RAISE commits to providing exceptional services and programs to clients, focusing on graduating clients from these programs. Here is a short list of the programs and services RAISE offers refugees and immigrants:

  • ESL Education 

  • Health Service Referrals

  • Housing and Employment Assistance 

  • Unique Connection with Welcome Team

  • Youth Engagement Programs

  • Community Engagement

Empower Everyday

RAISE commits to empowering clients to advocate for their interests and seek solutions to their problems. RAISE desires that all clients can reach a point of sufficiency and self-determination, with RAISE only functioning as a safety net for self-sufficient clients.

JOPLIN, Missouri

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