Education is maybe the best way to help refugees and immigrants to not only be happy, but to become a big part of their own communities. Refugee and Immigrant Services & Education will provide education for refugees and immigrants.

English has been and will always be a large part of our focus with educating refugees and immigrants. We will offer classes in parenting/family literacy, computer literacy, health literacy, financial literacy, and career/workforce development. Our goal is to educate immigrants and refugees as completely as possible to help them live a sustainable life in this new country. Our main points for education will include...

  • Family Literacy/Parenting

  • Health Literacy

  • Computer Literacy 

  • Financial Literacy

  • Career/Workforce Development

our focus


Our initial focus with education will be on children and child development.


Pre-Covid, we provided a "Mommy & Kids" program, where mothers & women can come & spend time with those from different cultures. Our goal was to bridge the gap between cultures, bringing knowledge, understanding & acceptance for one another. Our volunteers worked with the children as well, creating relationship and trust through play and educational games. We hope to bridge the educational gap of those limited English speaking children that are in our programs. We believe this to be so important because of the limited child care services available in Noel, Missouri.