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Our purpose

Our purpose is to empower refugees and immigrants of all ages and nationalities to succeed in their quest to find social and economic independence and to live with dignity. 

Refugee and Immigrant Services & Education was founded out of a deep awareness of mounting social, cultural, and economic issues facing refugees in Noel, Missouri. Noel is a unique context for refugee and immigrant service provision. There is currently no local resettlement office to provide the much needed assistance to the growing community whose needs are highly differentiated compared to those immigrants arriving in America's major cities for these reasons...

  • The town lacks the infrastructure, housing, transportation, health care and other critical social services found in bigger cities. The population is far outpacing the growth of the town.

  • Relocation to this area (for many) represents their second or third migration since leaving their home country (either fleeing persecution, or the pursuit of opportunity, economic independence and stability).

  • The majority of refugees and immigrants in Noel are limited English speakers. This reduces their ability to acculturate and access services that are already available in their community.  

Noel, Missouri

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