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We recognize the importance of providing services for those immigrants that come to this country under any type of persecution at any age. 

RAISE bridges the gap to services that are already provided in the area, but generally inaccessible or incomprehensible for limited-English speakers. We know that a large portion of the immigrants in Noel, Missouri are refugees. Providing care to those who have experienced persecution in their home country is extremely important to us. Along with providing direction for refugees as they come into the country, RAISE will provide limited translation/interpretation services to make life easier on those limited-English speaking immigrants.

In cooperation with the International Institute - Southwest Missouri Office in Springfield, MO, RAISE is actively welcoming Afghans to Joplin, MO through the Afghan Placement & Assistance program.

our focus

Image by Vonecia Carswell

Our focus in this field will be on providing direction, as well as compassion for those immigrants who come into our community as refugees.


We put a large emphasis on the importance of those who come to our country from any type of persecution, and we intend to serve them.

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