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Health is an important part of quality of life, and it's an important part of what we plan to provide for refugees and immigrants in Joplin & Noel, Missouri. 

We have a health director who is working to bridge the gap for health and medical services that are already provided in the area, but generally inaccessible or incomprehensible for limited-English speakers. Even though RAISE will not treat patients; RAISE will help refugees and immigrants access already existing health and medical services. We will provide training and workshops on how to practice preventative health, access healthcare, insurance, civics, and life skills. RAISE will collaborate with other organizations to bring their expertise to those with a variety of cultural backgrounds. RAISE will provide these programs in our health services field:

  • Access existing healthcare services

    • Communication with clinics

    • Follow-up assistance

    • Transport and interpretation as needed

  • Training and Workshops on 

    • Preventative Health ​

    • Insurance 

    • Civics 

    • Life Skills

  • Trauma Healing

  • Native Language Resource Library

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The focus of RAISE in regards to Health Care will be providing the opportunity for immigrants and refugees to access already existing healthcare services in the area. 

Health Interpreters

We have hired two Somali Health Interpreters for McDonald County Health Department. See pictures below.

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